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2020 recruitment for positions in the second half of the year:

There are three structural engineers. Requirements: at least 3 years experience in mechanical structure design.

There are three thermodynamic engineers. Requirements: proficient in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics.

Salesman: five. Requirements: competent for mechanical and electrical equipment sales business quality.

Area Manager: 5. Requirements: be able to open up the market, sensitive to the market, competent for regional marketing.

Telephone: 021 - 50255308.

Long-term recruitment positions:

Position: Number of procurement engineers: 2 Salary: Negotiable

Education: Bachelor, Master, PhD
Professional: professional limited
Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province
job requirements:
1, full-time undergraduate and above education, procurement management, procurement and supply management, logistics management, machinery, electronics-related professional, 3 to 10 years of manufacturing experience in manufacturing, especially excellent procurement professional students can also consider; 3, skilled use of office software, familiar with the ERP operating system, understand ISO9000 and procurement-related procedures; 4, to understand the relevant product materials market and basic financial knowledge, in particular, the use of office software, Cost knowledge and digital concept strong; 5, with a certain negotiation skills, master the relevant procurement skills; 6, good communication skills, compression capacity, execution, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, to accept occasional travel; Good team spirit and professionalism, excellent professional ethics and supply chain overall view. Responsibilities: 1, procurement planning, delivery confirmation, inventory control, development and management of suppliers, market information collection.

Position: Market Technical Support Engineer Number: 2 Salary: Negotiable

Education: Bachelor degree or above
Professional: refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning related professional
Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province
2, a refrigeration / HVAC industry marketing, product management, technical support, or system research and development, heating, heating, HVAC, 3, to understand the development of circulating water refrigeration industry and the main competitors, with marketing knowledge, good communication and communication skills; Job responsibilities: beplay手机登录 Sales team or sales branch technical application engineers to provide technical support Work beplay手机登录 Sales staff, dealers, engineering products, technical training 3. Product selection and pricing 4. Standard bids to collect information, project recommendation book template to establish 5. Product market research, competitors, product information collection 6. Propaganda Data production and product promotion 7. Other products promotional materials production

Position: Number of new product R & D engineers: 2 Salary: Negotiable

Education: Bachelor, Master, PhD
Professional: refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning
Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province
2, English four or more, can carry out the daily simple English reading and writing and oral communication; 3, can be skilled use of office, CAD, and so on, the requirements of the post: 1, refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning related professional (hard requirements) SolidWorks and other development software; 4, 1-3 years experience in the development of refrigeration products, independent completion of new product research and development tasks; 5, undergraduate and above, at least 2 years experience in cooling tower research and development;
6, familiar with the core technology of various types of cooling towers; 7, familiar with the application of cooling towers and customer needs; 4, with cooling tower design, research and development, innovation. Responsibilities: 1, responsible for the cooling tower new product development work and non-standard order design. The same time as

Position: Overseas Technical Support Officer (Asia) Number: 1 Salary: Negotiable
Education: Bachelor, Master, PhD
Professional: refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning
Location: Shanghai
Requirements: Requirements: beplay手机登录 Bachelor degree or above, refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning related professional, more than 5 years overseas technical support related experience; beplay手机登录 CET6 or above, English writing ability, good oral communication skills (must); 3. Have a foreign regional technical support experience, overseas markets or research and development and other experiences, must be at least familiar with the cooling tower products; 4. Organizational coordination, good communication skills, proactive, strong pressure, can adapt to foreign travel from time to time. Responsibilities: beplay手机登录 Responsible for order tracking, order technical confirmation; beplay手机登录 Product maintenance, product sample production and modification, product improvement based on market information proposal, product pricing; 3. Technical support, overseas pre-sale technical Q & A, project selection and To deal with a variety of temporary conditions, such as customer requirements to change the technical specifications, after-sale technical support to help customers solve the installation, commissioning, control and other issues, order processing, check the price and models, sales statements; 4. Market maintenance, market information collection , Product market capacity, product sales data, competitor information, management and analysis of orders and shipments and other data, sub-products and distributors to grasp the real-time changes in market conditions, make sales forecasts, understand the overseas market laws and regulations, Product testing and certification, according to market demand for the development of new product development tasks and product sales tool production; 5. Reception and training, reception overseas visitors, responsible for factory visits, hotel reservations, according to market demand, overseas sales staff, Customers for product training, leading customers to participate in the project , On-site unit commissioning.

Position: Quality inspectors: 2 Salary: Negotiable
Education: Bachelor
Professional: air conditioning, electrical and mechanical, CNC, mold, machinery category
Location: Shanghai
1, Bachelor degree or above, electrical and mechanical integration, electrical, mechanical, numerical control, mold, refrigeration, electronics and other related professional; 2, to identify drawings, with electrical operation ability is preferred; 3, strong sense of responsibility, 5, experience is not limited, excellent graduates give priority to, there are style special long priority.... Responsibilities: 1, according to the requirements of inspection, to confirm the final state of the machine to determine whether the product qualified; 2, cooling tower products factory acceptance before the machine.

Position: Test Engineer (R & D Workshop) Number: 1 Salary: Negotiable

Education: Bachelor
Professional: refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning
Location: Shanghai
Requirements: beplay手机登录 Requirements: beplay手机登录 Bachelor degree, refrigeration or related professional, understand the principles of refrigeration, have relevant work experience, especially excellent students can also be considered; beplay手机登录 Industrial refrigeration or other refrigeration industry-related test experience; 3. Familiar with And the national standards and testing processes related to the product, to understand the national laboratory accreditation system; 4. familiar with the overall laboratory facilities and environmental configuration, to master the measurement of uncertainty assessment methods to understand the domestic and international air-conditioning industry trends; Mathematical statistics analysis ability, resource integration ability and strong writing skills. Responsibilities: beplay手机登录 This job is carried out in the laboratory, responsible for the daily management of the laboratory and the implementation of the test plan to ensure the efficiency of the test; beplay手机登录 Develop a product reliability test outline, product reliability testing technical guidance, technical statistics and Analysis; 3. Organize the experimental data, issued a reliability test report; 4. For the test product failure or problems in the tracking analysis and reporting; 5. Participate in product performance evaluation and reliability evaluation work; 6. Field tracking product applications The situation, the collection of relevant information to improve the reliability of the test outline; 7. Responsible for the monitoring of the laboratory environment; 8. Development of test normative documents.

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